Marine Science and Technology
for Sustainable Development

Conference themes:

  • Ocean dynamics and climate
  • Marine geology and geological resources
  • Ocean environment and ecosystem
  • Ocean and sustainability of human life
  • Polar ocean research and exploration
  • Ocean engineering, marine constructions and renewable energy
  • Undersea vehicles, robotics, acoustics
  • Ocean hazards
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Ocean observation technologies
  • Sustainable economy, ocean policy making and education

Dates and venue:

July 16-19, 2019,
Far Eastern Federal University, Ajax Bay, Russkiy Island, Vladivostok, Russia


Dr. Valentin Sergienko, Vice Chairman of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Dr. Nikita Anisimov, President of Far Eastern Federal University


PACON International
Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
Far Eastern Federal University
V.I.Il’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute

PACON Board of Directors:

A. Babanin (AU), A. Bekker (RU), G. Brighouse (NZ), J. Comcowich (US), M. Crosby (US), W. Grossman (GE), K. Hotta (JP), Y. Ikegami (JP), T. Ikoma (JP), H. Kohno (JP), K. Leber (US), V. Lobanov (RU), president; L. Magaard (US), K. Masuda (JP), L. Mitnik (RU), H. Saito (JP), secretary; Y. Suenaga (JP), D. Tang (CN), J. Wiltshire (US), Y. Ye (CN), K.-D. Yum (KR).